Hello you lovely catlover!

My name is Luna and although this website is in Dutch, I speak English too!

You are probably here because you were blown off your feet when you saw images of the look-a-like plush cats I make! Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m soooooo proud of them. And… the Look-a-Like PloesiePoesies are the crème de la crème when you’re talking about handmade toys! The name says it all; you send me some pictures of your cat and I will make you a PloesiePoesie (that’s Dutch for Plush Pussy) that looks like your own cat. The stripes, the spots, the colors; I’ll try to make the plush equivalent as accurate as possible, so you and your furry friend can be proud! And be honest; doesn’t your cat deserves to have its own PloesiePoesie? The price of these Look-a-Like PloesiePoesies ranges from 50 euro to 100 euro, depending on the amount of stripes and spots your cat has. If you want to see all the look-a-like cats I’ve already made: CLICK.

So how does it work?
First you send me some pictures of your cat and, if you’re a real cat lover like I am, that shouldn’t be too hard, because most cat lovers have tons and tons of cat pictures on their computer! You’re computer’s wallpaper is probably a picture of your cat too, isn’t it? I prefer a front and back picture of your cat when he or she is sitting on his butt, but if you don’t have those, no problem; just send me some cute ones. You can send them to luna@ploesiepoesie.nl.

And then?
After a good look at the cat’s pictures I’ll send you an offer free of obligation. If you agree on the price I’ll put your feline friend on the waiting list. And when it’s your cats’ turn to be ‘Ploesiepoesie-fied’ I start be making his plush body and pinning all his spots and stripes on the right place. Then I’ll send you some work in progress pictures to check out. Maybe I forgot a spot? Or maybe the color of his eyes aren’t right? After you have a look at those work in progress pictures and giving me your GO AHEAD I will sew everything together. Nice and neatly! Normally it takes 1 to 2 weeks to make a PloesiePoesie.

And then what?
After your PloesiePoesie is ready you pay.
If you live in Europe, you can pay me through bank transfer.
And for all non-EU countries; You can pay through PayPal.

When can we cuddle?
After receiving your payment I’ll send the PloesiePoesie to your address. It probably takes 2 to 3 days to receive the package if you live in a European country. It usually takes a package 5 to 7 days to arrive in a non-EU country.

When you received your package I’d love to see pictures of your cat with his plush look-a-like! Please take a look at the pictures happy customers already sent me: CLICK.

I do sell other cat stuff as well, so please have a look in the rest of my online shop. I make retro PloesiePoesies (which are perfect for kids and made with retro fabric), Deluxe PloesiePoesies (colourful cats), blankets with a matching fabric cat, buttons, refrigerator magnets, catnip toys, brooches, mirrors, postcards; all made and designed by me and, of course; allll about cats!

If you have any questions, you can always send me an email, I’ll be happy to answer all of them.

Have a purrrrfect day,